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How to choose a wedding photographer?

by Wassim Nasr faceandlens photography - Updated Aug 26, 2023

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Unveiling Unique Perspectives

A great wedding photographer goes beyond the conventional role of capturing moments; they bring planning and innovation to the table. By introducing fresh and unique ideas, these photographers contribute to transforming the wedding day into an unforgettable experience. Whether it's experimenting with lighting, incorporating unconventional angles, or suggesting imaginative poses, their creativity breathes life into every frame.


Couples should seek out photographers who are eager to brainstorm ideas and personalize the photography experience, adding an artistic touch that resonates with their vision.

A Multi-Talented Skills - Photo and Video

In the world of weddings, capturing both photographs and videos requires a harmonious blend of skills.

some photographers are amazing at both pictures and videos. This can be really helpful because they can capture everything without missing a beat. Couples looking to save money and have a smooth story should think about hiring one person for both jobs.

Usually, photographers who do both photos and videos work with a helper or a second person. This way, they make sure every single moment is caught on camera. They usually start with taking pictures and then use the best parts to capture a short video that shows the highlights.

So, if you're trying to find a way to have both photos and videos without breaking the bank, hiring one person who can do both might be the way to go. You'll get all the special moments in one neat package.

Capturing from Different Angles and Views

A wedding day is like a patchwork of feelings and moments, each one special in its own way. Good photographers know how important it is to catch all these different parts, and they often work with helpers or extra photographers. This way, they can capture every moment from lots of different angles. This makes the whole story richer.


For example, wide shots can show how big and important the event is, while close-ups can focus on small details and private moments. All these angles together make the whole album feel complete, like you're reliving the whole day.

The Ever-Evolving Artistry and Quality

When choosing your wedding photographer, it's important to pay attention to the type of photos they produce. Are they skilled at retouching to bring out vibrant colors, or do they stick with plain images? Equally vital is the quality of the photos they deliver. Can these images be blown up for large prints, like posters? This often depends on the type of camera they use.

To avoid surprises, we recommend asking the photographer for an example of their highest quality work. This way, you'll know exactly what to expect after your wedding, ensuring that your cherished memories are captured and presented in the best possible way.

Meeting the Photographer

A wedding photographer isn't just a service provider; they become a part of the day's intimate moments. Hence, meeting the photographer in person is crucial to establishing a connection and understanding their work process. Inquiring about their team, whether they bring assistants or second shooters, can provide insight into how comprehensively your event will be documented.


A team effort promises a rich tapestry of visual memories, capturing not just the pivotal moments but the nuanced interactions and candid emotions as well.


When choosing a wedding photographer, remember that they're not just capturing moments; they're crafting an experience. A remarkable photographer goes beyond the ordinary, infusing fresh and inventive ideas that breathe life into your memories. Seek out those who resonate with your vision, adding an artistic touch that reflects your uniqueness.

Combining photography and videography skills can be a game-changer. Some photographers excel at both, seamlessly blending these mediums to create a comprehensive story. This dual approach, often with the help of assistants or second photographers, captures moments from various angles, ensuring every moment is documented.

As you navigate the world of photographers, focus on the quality and style of their work. Ask for examples of their best, highest-quality shots, so there are no surprises. And, don't forget, meeting the photographer in person is essential. It establishes a connection, and understanding their team dynamics guarantees a rich tapestry of visual memories, capturing both significant moments and nuanced emotions. By making informed choices, you'll have a wedding album that truly reflects the beauty of your special day.

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How to choose your wedding photographer

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How to choose your wedding photographer
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