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Capturing Elegance

Timeless Luxury in Every Wedding Frame

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My wedding photography blends various styles; natural, fine art, and creative. I'll capture your special day beautifully, creating unique and extraordinary photos that will leave you speechless.

If you're looking for a special photographer with various skills and styles, I'd love to be a part of your day!

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Wedding Style

Natural, Fine Art, and Creative

Wassim Wedding Photographer with a bride

Hello, I'm Wassim, a wedding photographer with a flair for Natural, Fine Art, and Creative styles.


Weddings are more than just tasks for me! they're chances to create something really special.


I love getting to know couples, spending time to plan and brainstorm cool ideas before the big day.


When it comes to telling your story, I take a relaxed, unrushed approach, and I'm all about capturing those real, natural moments.


But here's the best part: it doesn't stop with handing over your photos and videos. After your wedding, I go the extra mile, creating more beautiful visuals from every moment. I'm not just keeping your memories safe; I'm making them even more awesome.

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Expert Tips

How to choose your wedding photographer?

listen to my discussion with Kelly Hartmann from weddingonline
on how to choose the ideal wedding photographer for your special day!

How to choose your wedding photographer

Choose Your Style

Or mix the three styles together, giving you the best of all worlds for your special day.


The natural style, editing is kept minimal to maintain the untouched appearance of the photos. We focus on keeping the color natural to make the images real.

Fine Art

The fine art style transforms wedding photos into artistic look, enhancing colors and composition to create visually stunning images that resemble works of art.


The creative style, we enhance photos by retouching skin, removing unnecessary elements, and adding creative touches and elements when needed.

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We Capture Your Wedding from the Sky

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Wedding Photos

Experience the exceptional quality in our recent photos

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